• iPlan is an independent firm built with you in mind that answers the question “is your money working as hard for you as you have worked for it?” We advise. Plain and simple. If it’s investments that you are interested in, as an Accredited Portfolio Manager (APMA®) iPlan can review and advise on your investments giving you peace of mind. As a Portfolio Manager, we have over 14 years of experience managing investment portfolios for both the individual and business owner.
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  • Though an independent firm, iPlan is part of the Premier Network of Financial Advisors® – a unique enterprise group dedicated to helping independent advisors serve their clients. iPlan also coordinates with Toler Financial Group located in Silver Spring, MD where founder and owner, Fran Toler specializes in planning opportunities for families of all types, including the LGBTQ community, unmarried/second and blended families as well as non-profit and professional practices. Through this unique collaboration, we are prepared to provide the best planning possible to help you achieve your goals.

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